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Leading Tree Care Specialists in Tootgarook

Uppercut Tree Services takes pride in our commitment to upgrading the aesthetic appeal and safety of your premises with high-quality tree care services. Backed by our proficient arborists and the latest equipment, we confidently handle a broad range of tree tasks with ease – be it pruning, chipping, or removal. 

Our Services

Local Tree Removal Tootgarook
If a tree on your property cannot be saved or tidied due to disease or damage, we deliver a tailored tree removal service.   
Tree Pruning Services Tootgarook
Maintain your property’s prime condition with our cost-effective and efficient services – catering to all tree and hedge types. 
Stump Grinding Services Tootgarook
For stump removal, entrusting professionals is the smart choice. At Uppercut Tree Services, we swiftly and cleanly handle stump removal, leaving no unwanted debris behind. 
Mulch Sales Tootgarook
Thanks to our premium wood-chipping equipment, we produce quality mulch for your gardening needs. 
Tree Lopping
If removing a tree is a step too far, tree lopping could be the perfect solution for your needs.

A Community-Oriented Family Business

Jack, a tree removal expert with a rich lineage in the business, founded Uppercut Tree Service with an ambition to deliver top-tier services at reasonable prices. Our distinguishing factor is our steadfast dedication to client satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations and constantly dispense professional guidance.  
Arborist Tootgarook

Client Testimonials   

We had a huge domestic job completed. On the day, 7 arborists, multiple chainsaws, scissor lift, huge mulching truck and additional trucks arrived. Superb work, diligent preparation and administrative processes completed, including speaking directly with neighbouring property owners regarding forthcoming works and noise disturbances. Top service … thank you Jack and team.
Morag Jones

Used his services for the first time and is a true professional in all areas of tree services. Problem now is the secret is out.
Pvesh Vesh


Why Opt for Uppercut Tree Services?

With an innate talent for landscape design and extensive knowledge about arborist services, our team of certified arborists at Uppercut Tree Services takes immense pride in their work. From safeguarding your garden’s health to utilising landscape design to uplift your property’s appeal, count on Uppercut Tree Services to make your Tootgarook residence the neighbourhood envy. 


We abide by the strictest procedures to ensure the safety of our team and your family.


Armed with a wealth of experience acquired over decades, we are excellently equipped to offer proficient services.


As a small, family-owned business, we are ready to work closely with our valued clients.

Your Arborist Services Questions Answered  

Why should I hire a qualified arborist?
A qualified arborist plays a vital role in the health and appearance of your landscape. By assessing your tree’s root system, understanding tree and tree stump removal, and knowing the safest and most efficient way to operate a wood chipper— among many other services— a qualified arborist makes arboricultural impact assessments based on their wealth of knowledge and expertise. 
Do I require authorisation for tree removal in Tootgarook?
Rules related to tree removal can vary considerably, depending on aspects such as the local council, the tree’s location, its species, and the like. Often, you’ll need permission to remove a tree. We recommend consulting your local council or getting advice from a qualified arborist acquainted with the local region, like our team at Uppercut Tree Services. 
Do you offer free quotes?
Yes, we offer free quotes! If you’re ready to see what can be done about your troublesome tree, contact us for your free quote today. 
Do your arborists hold qualifications, licenses, and insurance?
Absolutely, our arborists are qualified, licensed, and insured! If you’re in search of an expert arborist with comprehensive knowledge on tree protection zones, garden upkeep, landscape design, among various other services, we’re the seasoned arborists you need. 
Do you clean up after trimming or pruning?
We sure do! We like to leave your property or site as clean or even cleaner than it was when we arrived. Nobody needs branches strewn around their garden creating a hazard, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up after us. 
What area do you service?

Need Tree Removal Or Maintenance?  

If you’ve got a fallen tree waiting to be mulched, a disease-ridden tree that necessitates removal, or a hedge that calls for pruning – Uppercut Tree Service is but a phone call away! Connect with us today for premium services in Tootgarook at cost-effective pricing.