Land Clearing & Fire Prevention for Your Peninsula Property This Summer

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Many Australians have grown accustomed to hearing the annual fire warnings and recommended bushfire planning tactics. Sometimes, we can start to tune it out. But in light of how bushfires have impacted Victoria over recent years, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the topic. Continue reading as we discuss the relationship between land clearing and fire prevention, as well as what rights you have over your Mornington Peninsula property. 

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Land Clearing & Fire Prevention for Your Peninsula Property This Summer

The Upcoming Bushfire Season 

Did you know that Victoria is one of the most bushfire-prone regions in the entire world? The threat of fire has become a very serious topic in our state, especially after the Black Saturday fires over a decade ago. In recent years, we have seen more devastating effects of bushfires, and it is important to bring attention back to this topic every fire season.

As summer quickly approaches, it’s once again time to consider the realities of facing the heat as a Victorian. For homeowners on the Mornington Peninsula, you must understand your rights and duties when it comes to fire prevention. Having a plan for how you might respond in the case of a nearby bushfire is one thing — but it is just as important to do your part in reducing the risk of fire spreading. 

Land Clearing and Fire Prevention 

Over recent years, Australians have been witnessing the reality of bushfires more and more. Nobody can predict when or where a bushfire will strike, and the risk of fire is prevalent across much of the state. However, the chances of survival and protection are increased when people take informed steps to prepare themselves and their properties for fire season.

With so much of Victoria’s natural landscape made up of gorgeous bush and lush trees, many areas are prone to the risk of fire. The government, CFA, and councils have been collaborating for quite some time to find a fire safety solution that increases the safety of our population without damaging our natural flora. 

One important aspect of fire prevention is the management of fire fuel. Being ‘bushfire ready’ is a shared community responsibility, and managing native vegetation which commonly acts as fuel for a fire is one of the best steps our region can take.

However, there are guidelines and limitations around this. Nobody wants all of the trees in our area chopped down, even in the name of fire protection. So, what steps should you be taking? What rights do you have as a property owner to protect your home or business while conserving biodiversity? These questions are best left to an arborist in Mornington Peninsula.

The 10/30 Rule 

If you are a Mornington Peninsula property owner, then the 10/30 rule is something you need to be keenly aware of.

This rule refers to property boundary fence clearing entitlements that apply to landowners in your area. If you do not own your property, then any clearing you do will still require written consent from the landowner. Essentially, this allowance is to clear vegetation and trees that may be acting as fuel for fires to potentially reach your home. The 10/30 rule itself is state-wide, except for 21 metropolitan municipalities. It allows landowners to clear all vegetation including trees within ten metres of a house, and any vegetation except for trees within 30 metres.

This rule is put in place for the safety of people living in areas that may be affected by bushfires. Managing vegetation is a crucial component of a bushfire survival plan, coming under the umbrella of managing fuel and lowering the risk of fire spreading near the home. 

Clearing vegetation is about more than clearing trees and pulling out plants. The amount and the arrangement of fine fuels, both surface and near the surface, also fuels bushfires. This means that shrubbery, twigs, leaves, and weeds all need to be carefully monitored around your property. Having bark spread around can contribute significantly to the spread of fire — so it is imperative that you remain aware of your surroundings and be vigilant about clearing your land.

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We’re all in this together. If you are a property owner on the Mornington Peninsula, you should know that you don’t need to tackle this upcoming season alone. Here at Uppercut Tree Services, we are dedicated to helping people clear vegetation as necessary to protect themselves, their homes, and their neighbours. If you’re worried about a tree within ten metres of your home, it is best to reach out sooner rather than later. Bushfire season will soon be upon us!

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