What is Deadwooding? Advantages of Dead Wood Removal

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Dead trees can be a pain. However, the first sign that a tree is ‘dying’ doesn’t mean that the whole thing is at the end of its life. When dead limbs or branches start to pop up, they can pose a risk to the health of the overall tree. 

Tree pruning is a solution that many people aren’t even aware of. Removing dead wood is often a positive thing for a tree — causing no damage when done by an expert and offering significant benefits overall. Continue reading as we dive into what deadwooding is, when it’s necessary, and the advantages of dead wood removal. 

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What is Dead Wood Removal? What is Deadwooding? Advantages of Dead Wood Removal

There are a few key terms you may have heard when it comes to dead wood removal — deadwooding and tree pruning are two of the most common. 

To put it simply, deadwooding is the process of removing dead branches from a tree canopy, removing the dead wood. These can be larger branches that may have died due to decay, disease, or age, and they can also be smaller internal branches.

Nature comes with natural defense mechanisms. Dead branches are another part of that process, ensuring the health and protection of other areas of the tree. Over time, however, the structural integrity of the dead branches and the tree as a whole is going to be compromised. Therefore, the branches are naturally going to fall in time. So although the dead wood itself serves a purpose for the tree, these branches pose a safety risk. Larger branches especially can cause significant damage if they fall. 

Deadwooding, or dead wood removal, is a solution to eliminate the risk before the wood falls on its own time. 

Signs Deadwooding is Necessary 

So, how can you tell that a tree is dying? There are a few clear signs and signals that can indicate the fact that parts of the tree are dead. 

Some of the signs of stress will include low vigour, which refers to the growth rate and size of the tree itself. Others include having limited foliage during seasons where you would expect more, numerous small shoots or epicormic growths, many dead or hanging branches, and discolouration of leaves.

You will find as well that the trunk and limbs of the tree will begin to decay. This can result in cracking, loss of bark, hollows, and high amounts of sap exudation. 

If you notice any of these signs of stress or decay, there can be a few issues at play, including some environmental conditions. The best course of action is to bring a tree expert in to analyse the situation and advise the best course of action. Trees close to the home, property, cars, or high-traffic areas, then falling branches or limbs pose a very high risk. If you’re worried about the position of a tree showing indications of dead branches or decay, then deadwooding could be the logical next step. 

Advantages of Deadwooding 

Pruning trees and removing dead branches from a tree’s canopy offers a significant amount of benefits. One of the biggest reasons why people choose deadwooding is due to a need for risk mitigation. The risk of serious injury or property damage as a result of falling dead branches cannot be understated. As decay takes place and the structural integrity of the branches dwindles, it is only a matter of time before these branches will no longer be attached to the tree. Removing dead wood from trees is primarily done in the name of safety and eliminating risks of injury and costly damage.

Deadwooding can also help to improve the overall health of a tree. While dead limbs and branches can sometimes serve a purpose in protecting healthy parts of the tree, they can also be detrimental. Dead wood can act as a home for pathogens and tree borers, which feed on the living tissue of a tree. Removing dead wood can also help to prevent the spread of some fungal decay which may impact healthy sections of the tree.

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If you’re concerned about dead wood and the liability of falling tree limbs, you should act sooner rather than later. Deadwooding services can help to protect your property, your health, and the well-being of the tree itself. Here at Uppercut Tree Services, we offer dead wood removal as a part of our Mornington Peninsula services. Contact our team today to discuss your needs or receive a free quote for your removal needs.

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