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A well-maintained hedge is a sight to behold, giving a property an air of elegance and sophistication. Whether your home is contemporary, Federation, or ultra-modern and sleek, you simply can’t go wrong with a hedge.

Well, you can in one way— if the hedge is ungroomed and unruly. A hedge is only as beautiful and practical as its trimmed appearance! An overgrown hedge detracts from your home and garden and even makes for potential hazards such as blind spots. Your home garden deserves the best, and it all begins with the hedges.

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Hedge Pruning Mornington Peninsula
Hedge Trimming Mornington Peninsula


High-Quality Hedge Pruning & Shaping

From the stunning suburban streets of Mount Eliza and Mornington to the tranquil beach-side areas of Flinders and Portsea– the Mornington Peninsula is home to some of Melbourne’s finest properties. And with these beautiful homes come spectacular gardens!

Here at Uppercut Tree Services, we want to help your gardens stay clean, safe, and beautiful all year round. That’s why we offer quality hedge cutting services to ensure your gardens remain tidy. Thanks to our extensive experience and quality equipment, we’re the team to call for tree maintenance across the Mornington Peninsula.

Our Hedge Maintenance Expertise

Overgrown trees or hedges can make your property appear messy or unkempt, can infringe on your neighbours, and can be unsafe in some situations. That’s why we offer pruning and hedging to enhance the appearance and safety of your property while retaining the health of your trees.

Hedge Trimming Mornington Peninsula

Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

A well-groomed hedge can make any property appear stylish and sleek. On the other hand, an unkempt hedge can de-value and de-beautify even the most stunning property! We offer hedge trimming that will enhance the appearance of your hedge while protecting the hedge itself.
Hedge Shaping Mornington Peninsula

Hedge Shaping

We offer hedge shaping services for all species, sizes and styles. Whether you require regular maintenance or a one-time service, our team can provide a tailored solution to give your plants and hedges a wow factor.


About Our Approach

Safety First

Safety is paramount at Uppercut Tree Services which is why we take measures to protect people, and surrounding trees and buildings.

Quality Equipment

Whether it’s removing trees, trimming branches, or any other task, our premium equipment helps us deliver the best possible results every time.

Clean And Tidy

We know how much you value your property, which is why we take care of it like our own and always ensure we’re clean and tidy.

Always Compliant

If permits or other legal works are required – we’ll ensure everything is compliant before starting our maintenance works.

Experienced Team

With combined 70+ years of experience, we have all aspects of tree maintenance covered.

Tight Access

Whether it’s a complex pruning or a simple trimming, we’re dedicated to protecting the surrounding environment while completing the job with precision and care.

Tree Pruning and Hedge Trimming Before and After


How the Right Tools Help Encourage New Growth

Using a hedge trimming service allows you to achieve and maintain healthy and attractive hedges with precision for the most optimal results.

Aesthetic Appeal

Neatly trimmed hedges have the whole of your garden looking well-manicured, upping your home’s curb appeal.

Healthy Hedges

Removing dead or diseased branches from your hedges gives them a new lease on life. Plus, this improves air circulation and allows the sun to get through, increasing the health of the hedge.

Shape and Structure

Hedges are as much about appearance as they are about functionality. A clean, healthy hedge is much easier to shape into the structure you want.

Security and Safety

An overgrown hedge reduces visibility, which can spell danger for pedestrians and drivers. Keeping your hedge trimmed helps to eliminate blind spots, giving you peace of mind.

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Ask Us A Question

How often should hedges be trimmed?

The frequency of hedge trimming depends on many factors including the type of hedge, how quickly it grows, and the size and shape you want it to be. As a general rule of thumb, however, most hedges should be trimmed once or twice per year.

When is the best time to trim hedges?

The best time to trim hedges is generally in autumn and spring. This is because they are the milder times of the year when it comes to weather, eliminating problems that may come with frost or intense sun.

Will trimming help my hedges grow better?

Trimming your hedges helps to encourage healthier growth. This is because removing dead branches promotes the development of fresh shoots and leaves, and allows for better air circulation and sun penetration within the hedge.

What area do you service?

Have another question about hedge pruning and trimming?

We’d be happy to answer your questions! Give us a call today: 0403 197 964 or send us an email: admin@utstrees.com.


Looking for New Growth?

Hedge cutting services are tasks that may look simple from a passer-by’s point of view, but they are actually intricate tasks that require a lot of knowledge and skill. When you need a qualified arborist with the right tools and all the necessary education, it’s time to call the professionals! With our advice, excellent service, and precision trimming, your hedges will be looking good as new in no time.

Hedge Trimming Services Mornington Peninsula

Additional Services

Local Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula

We’ve removed dead and diseased trees for many of our valued customers over the years, helping their gardens regain their beauty.

Tree Lopping

A large tree can block sunlight and even pose a safety risk, but tree lopping can help with both.

Stump Grinding Services Mornington Peninsula

Stump grinding and removal are essential, as stumps can easily become hazardous to people, pets, and your garden itself.

Mulch Sales near Mornington Peninsula

Need wood chips or mulch for your garden? We have an eco-friendly solution for you!

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When it comes to keeping your trees and hedges healthy and beautiful, trust the experts at Uppercut Tree Services. Our experienced team provides tailored services to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you need tree pruning to promote healthy growth or hedge trimming to maintain a neat appearance, we have the skills and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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