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Convert tree debris into superior mulch. 

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Whether you’ve got ambitious landscaping ideas, want to combat weeds, or aim to boost the health of your trees, plants, or soil, you require premium garden mulch. Wood chips and mulch let enhance your garden by offering it the attention and resources it needs to prosper, effortlessly making it the most eye-catching garden around. Lacking garden mulch, you can plant as many flowers and bushes as you wish, but they may not meet their full potential. By utilising premium mulch, you can enhance your soil structure and boast the most beautiful plants in Mount Martha! 
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Mulch Delivery Mount Martha

Swift and Affordable Wood Chipping  

For a well-kept and healthy property, the proper disposal of tree branches and other plant debris is key. This is where Uppercut Tree Services steps in with our wood chipping and mulch sales services. Our seasoned team can efficiently chip and dispose of tree branches and other debris, ensuring your property is clean and free from clutter. 

Our Options for Wood Chipping and Mulch

We offer fast delivery of garden mulch in Mount Martha.

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Hire Us For Wood Chipping 

Our wood chipper can change any tree branches or plant debris into mulch for your garden. 
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Purchase Mulch  

Acquire fresh mulch from our team at a reasonable price. Please be aware that mulch availability may fluctuate. 


Upgrade Your Gardening Game

With our high-quality native mulch, your garden is set to blossom swiftly. Prepare your garden supplies, sand, and pebbles for a transformation! 

Weed Control

Unwanted weeds can make your garden look unappealing, which is the last thing you desire. Wood chips or mulch act as a weed barrier, reducing the need for constant weeding. 

Keep Moisture

Mulching assists in retaining soil moisture by decreasing evaporation and sustaining a consistent soil moisture level, lessening your plant watering frequency. 

Better Soil Health

Over time, mulch naturally breaks down, infusing the soil it covered with organic matter. This contributes to soil structure improvement, creating fertile ground for plant cultivation. 

Preserve Tree and Plant Health

Bycontrolling soil temperature, mulch spread around trees and plants helps to safeguard their roots from harmful temperature changes. 

Need mulch in Mount Martha?

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What style of mulch do you sell?
While there are a wide range of mulch types available, our mulch is made from mulched tree branches and other debris from native gardens. 
If I decide against mulching, what else can I do with my tree branches?
If you’re not keen on mulching your tree branches, they might be suitable as firewood for fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, or outdoor fire pits. Firewood must be dried for a period of six to 12 months for effective and clean burning. You could also consider them for natural garden edging, composting, or arts and crafts. 
What steps are involved in wood chipping?
Wood chipping requires careful and precise execution to ensure safety. Once adequately protected, we introduce pieces into the wood chipper, where sharp knives or blades chip the wood. The resultant pieces are then expelled through a chute. 
Can dead wood be chipped?
Yes, dead wood is often utilised in wood chippers as it allows for material repurposing. 
What amount of mulch should I have for my garden?
Typically, the quantity of mulch a home gardener requires will hinge on the dimensions of the garden beds that need mulching and the depth of mulch needed. To get an idea of how much mulch you’ll need for your garden, measure the garden bed areas by multiplying the length by the width to determine their square metreage, and then adding the sum of all your garden beds together. 
Which tools and equipment are involved in your process?
If you’re looking for efficient and eco-friendly ways to dispose of your tree branches and debris while also improving the health of your garden, look no further than Uppercut Tree Services. With the help of our mulch and compost, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in your gardening in no time! Contact us today to learn more about our wood chipping and mulch sales services. 
Can I purchase mulch from you right now?
Call us up today and we can inform you if we currently have mulch available. 
What area do you service?
We service the Mornington Peninsula – including: RosebudPortseaSorrentoBlairgowrieRyeTootgarookMcCraeDromanaSafety BeachMount MarthaMorningtonMount ElizaSomervilleHastingsTyabbRed HillFlinders and Frankston.
Are there any other tree maintenance services you supply?
Absolutely! We offer a variety of services including tree removal, tree pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding, and stump removal . 
Do you have more queries about our wood chipping or mulch sales?
Feel free to ask us any other questions! You can contact us at 0403 197 964 or send us an email at admin@utstrees.com. 

For All Your Native Garden Mulch Supplies   

Whether you’re a residential gardener or a professional one, garden mulch is crucial. It assists in maintaining moisture, landscaping, and enhancing soil structure, making it one of the greatest assets for your garden. Don’t put your plants on hold— provide them with the support they need with garden mulch now! 
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Further Services

Local Tree Removal Mount Martha
A dead or diseased tree needs to be removed for everybody’s safety.  
Hedge Trimming Mount Martha
With tree pruning and hedge trimming, your home and garden can look their best. 
stump grinding Mount Martha
Does a tree stump in your yard pose an obstacle? We can provide a safe solution. 
Tree Lopping
Is your tree posing a hazard to you, your property, or others? Our tree lopping service is here to help.

Your Source for Mulch in Mount Martha

If you’re looking for efficient and eco-friendly ways to dispose of your tree branches and debris while also improving the health of your garden, look no further than Uppercut Tree Services. Your gardening can reach new heights quickly with our mulch and compost! Connect with us today to gain more insights about our services related to wood chipping and mulch sales.