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Transform tree waste into quality mulch. 

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Whether you’ve got ambitious landscaping ideas, want to combat weeds, or aim to boost the health of your trees, plants, or soil, you require premium garden mulch. Wood chips and mulch allow you to take pride in your garden by giving it the attention and materials it deserves so it can thrive, easily becoming the best-looking garden on the block. Lacking garden mulch, you can plant as many flowers and bushes as you wish, but they may not meet their full potential. By using quality mulch, you can improve your soil structure and have the prettiest plants in Portsea! 
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Speedy and Economical Wood Chipping  

To maintain a clean and healthy property, correct disposal of tree branches and other plant-related debris is essential. This is where Uppercut Tree Services steps in with our wood chipping and mulch sales services. Our proficient team can swiftly chip and dispose of tree branches and other debris, maintaining your property neat and clutter-free. 

Our Options for Wood Chipping and Mulch

We ensure fast delivery of garden mulch in Portsea.

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Our wood chipper can turn any tree branches or plant debris into mulch your garden loves. 
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Obtain fresh mulch from our team at a budget-friendly price. Note that the availability of mulch can vary. 


Transform Your Gardening Game

With our high-quality native mulch, your garden is set to blossom swiftly. Prepare your garden supplies, sand, and pebbles for a transformation! 

Weed Control

Annoying weeds can make your garden less appealing, which is definitely not what you want. Wood chips or mulch act as a weed barrier, reducing the need for constant weeding. 

Preserve Moisture

Mulching aids in preserving soil moisture by limiting evaporation and keeping a steady soil moisture level, thus reducing the frequency of watering your plants. 

Improve Soil Health

Mulch naturally decomposes in time, contributing organic matter to the soil it sat on top of. This aids in enhancing the soil structure, creating a fertile ground for plant growth. 

Preserve Tree and Plant Health

Bycontrolling soil temperature, mulch spread around trees and plants helps to safeguard their roots from harmful temperature changes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions  

What style of mulch do you sell?
Our mulch is derived from mulched tree branches and other debris originating from native gardens,. 
What other options do I have for tree branches if I choose not to mulch them?
If mulching your tree branches isn’t what you want, they can potentially serve as firewood for fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, or outdoor fire pits. However, firewood needs to be allowed to dry for six to 12 months for efficient and clean burning. Other uses include using them for natural garden edging, composting, or even arts and crafts. 
How does the wood chipping process work?
For safety reasons, wood chipping should be carried out with precision and caution. Once we’ve taken necessary safety measures, we feed pieces into the wood chipper, where sharp blades or knives chip the wood. The resultant pieces are then expelled through a chute. 
Can you use dead wood in the wood chipper?
Yes, dead wood is frequently used in wood chippers because it facilitates material repurposing. 
How much mulch do I need for my garden?
The average home gardener will find that the amount of mulch they need will depend on the size of the garden beds that need to be mulched and how deep the mulch needs to be. To estimate how much mulch your garden might need, measure the area of the garden beds by multiplying their length by their width to calculate the square meterage, and then add up the total area of all your garden beds. 
What machinery do you use?
If you’re looking for efficient and eco-friendly ways to dispose of your tree branches and debris while also improving the health of your garden, look no further than Uppercut Tree Services. In no time at all, our mulch and compost will elevate your gardening game! Reach out to us today for further information on our wood chipping and mulch sales offerings. 
Can I purchase mulch from you right now?
Contact us today and we can let you know if we have mulch available presently. 
What area do you service?
We service the Mornington Peninsula – including: RosebudPortseaSorrentoBlairgowrieRyeTootgarookMcCraeDromanaSafety BeachMount MarthaMorningtonMount ElizaSomervilleHastingsTyabbRed HillFlinders and Frankston.
Are there any other tree maintenance services you supply?
Do you have additional questions regarding wood chipping or our mulch sales?
We are here to answer your questions! Call us on 0403 197 964 or send an email to admin@utstrees.com. 

For All Your Native Garden Mulch Requirements   

Whether you’re a home gardener or a professional, the importance of garden mulch cannot be overstated. From aiding in water conservation and landscaping to boosting soil structure, it’s one of the most beneficial things for your garden. Don’t let your plants hang in the balance— lend them a hand with garden mulch today! 
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Additional Services

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Your Source for Mulch in Portsea

If you’re looking for efficient and eco-friendly ways to dispose of your tree branches and debris while also improving the health of your garden, look no further than Uppercut Tree Services. Your gardening can reach new heights quickly with our mulch and compost! Contact us today to learn more about our wood chipping and mulch sales services.