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Whenever you have a tree stump that’s bothering you, it may actually be causing even more trouble than you realise. A tree stump sticking up in your garden isn’t just unsightly— it can be downright dangerous. They act as tripping hazards, can damage your gardening equipment, and can even attract pests which may lead to infestations or damage. The best solution for you, your family, or anybody who visits your garden is to choose a qualified arborist to perform your tree stump removal. 
tree stump removal Blairgowrie
stump grinding Blairgowrie

Part Ways with Persistent Stumps

Tree removal usually leaves behind an unnattractive stump. These stumps can pose not only an eyesore but also a threat to anyone on your premises. That’s why at Uppercut Tree Service, we provide high-quality stump grinding and stump removal services to keep your outdoor area both safe and aesthetically pleasing.  

With our in-depth knowledge and advanced gear, we are capable of removing stumps of any size swiftly and adeptly, keeping your property neat and void of hazards. We render bespoke services to our customers in Blairgowrie. When in need of professional stump removal services, your search ends at Uppercut Tree Service. 

 How We Help

For whatever reason an unwanted stump has been left on your property, we’re committed to dealing with it. Here’s how our services can benefit you. 

Stump Grinding Blairgowrie

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves grinding the stump in the ground where it will eventually decompose. 
Stump Removal Blairgowrie

Stump Removal

Stump removal involves the complete removal of a stump, including the elements above and below ground.

About Our Method 

Safety First

Safety First

We always prioritise the safety of our clients, their property, and our team, strictly adhering to safety measures. 

Premium Equipment

Top-notch Equipment

We utilise top-tier grinding and removal equipment for our services. 

Clean And Tidy

Clean and Neat

We aim to leave your property better than it was before! 

Compliance Guaranteed

Strictly Compliant

In case legal paperwork or permits are required, we ensure full compliance before initiating our maintenance services. 

Highly Skilled Team

Team of Experts

Our team, collectively possessing over 70 years of experience, has been involved in every aspect of stump grinding and removal. 

A Hazard-free Space

A Hazard-free Space

We’ll make your area more usable and less dangerous. 

Tree Stump Grinding near Blairgowrie


Why Choose Tree Stump Removal?

With tree stump removal, your garden becomes safer, tidier, and more visually appealing. A tree stump, left behind after tree cutting, can invite unforeseen problems, which makes immediate attention essential. 
Safety Improvement

Enhanced Safety

Both people and pets run the risk of tripping over tree stumps, be it in your own garden or in public spaces like parks and playgrounds. 

Enhanced Appearance

Aesthetically Pleasing

Even though tree stumps are less sizable than full tree, they can nonetheless interfere with the aesthetics of your envisioned outdoor space. 

Simplified Maintenance

Simplified Maintenance

Tree stumps can be problematic for garden equipment like lawnmowers and trimmers, hindering a neat and clean cut. 

Pest Prevention

Pest Control

Pests love to make new homes in tree stumps— but you’re not going to love them. Between the potential for infestations and for spreading diseases to nearby trees, the stump has got to go! 

Tired of that unsightly stump?   

Contact us today for excellent and budget-friendly stump grinding and stump removal! 

Your Stump Removal Questions Answered   

How can I decide if stump grinding or removal is the better solution?

Choosing between stump grinding and removal requires thought about various factors such as the stump’s size, ease of access, future landscape designs, aesthetic considerations, and your own budget and time restrictions. If you find it difficult to decide the best course of action for your stump, reach out to our certified and insured arborists for help. 

Will the tree roots persist in growing after the stump is removed?

The continuation of tree root growth post stump removal is dependant on various elements like the species of the tree, the health status of the remaining roots, and the thoroughness of the stump removal procedure. With a certified arborist from Uppercut Tree Services, we evaluate these factors to estimate the likelihood in your particular case. 

What are the consequences of not removing a tree stump?

Keeping a tree stump can lead to problems like being a trip risk, detracting from the aesthetics, and making it harder to mow or trim the area around the stump. While it might seem less complicated to leave it initially, it could give rise to several long-term problems. By selecting stump removal or grinding, you can sidestep these challenges. 

What is the fastest way to remove a tree stump?

Stump grinding is generally the most expedient way to remove a tree stump, provided that it’s done by a professional arborist. DIY stump grinding can be risky and inefficient, which is why you’re better off using a fully insured and licensed arborist like the ones from our Uppercut Tree Services team. 

To what depth should a stump be ground?

This varies depending on many factors, but as a general rule of thumb, stumps should be ground down to between 15 and 30 centimetres below the ground surface.

What area do you service?

Have another question about stump grinding or removal?

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Operating as a local service in Blairgowrie, we are well-versed with local rules and regulations regarding tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, and more. We’re committed to doing the job efficiently and effectively! Let your garden be managed by experienced professionals with a cumulative experience of 70+ years and top-notch equipment, ensuring your garden is at its prime. 
Tree Stump Removal near Blairgowrie

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Uppercut Tree Service is well-aware of the irritations and potential hazards that tree stumps can cause in your yard. That’s why we provide trustworthy and swift stump grinding and removal services to help you rid your garden of those eye-sores. We realise that every property is different, and we offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your individual requirements.   

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