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Whenever you have a tree stump that’s bothering you, it may actually be causing even more trouble than you realise. A tree stump sticking up in your garden isn’t just unsightly— it can be downright dangerous. They act as tripping hazards, can damage your gardening equipment, and can even attract pests which may lead to infestations or damage. The best solution for you, your family, or anybody who visits your garden is to choose a qualified arborist to perform your tree stump removal. 
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Say Goodbye To Stubborn Stumps

Removing a tree is a task that often leaves behind an unsightly stump. Stumps can be not only an eyesore but also a hazard to anyone entering your property. That’s why at Uppercut Tree Service, we offer quality stump grinding and stump removal services to ensure your yard remains safe and beautiful.  

Leveraging our vast experience and cutting-edge machinery, we can speedily and proficiently remove stumps of any dimension, leaving your property immaculate and free from hazards. We offer customised services to clients in Dromana. If professional stump removal services are what you’re after, Uppercut Tree Service is your go-to choice. 

 How We Help

No matter the reason you’ve been left with an unwanted stump on your property, we’re here to eliminate it. Here’s how we can help. 

Stump Grinding Dromana

Stump Grinding

With stump grinding, we reduce the stump into the ground, promoting its eventual decay. 
Stump Removal Dromana

Stump Removal

Stump removal requires fully extracting the stump, taking both the above-ground and below-ground parts into account.

About Our Approach 


We emphasise on ensuring the safety of our team, your property, and you by rigorously following safety procedures. 

Premium Equipment

Our industry-leading grinding and removal equipment ensures exceptional service. 

Clean And Tidy

Our aim is to maintain the state of your property by leaving it tidier than it was. 

Full Compliance

Should permits or any legal requirements be necessary, we’ll make sure all is in compliance prior to commencing our services. 

Highly Skilled Team

With a combined 70+ years of experience, we have covered all aspects of stump grinding and removal. 

A Clear Space

We’re committed to making your space less hazardous and more functional. 
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Why Should You Choose Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stump removal contributes to a neat, safe, and attractive garden. If a stump remains after tree felling, it can lead to unnecessary issues, which is why addressing it promptly is crucial. 

Enhanced Safety

Both people and pets run the risk of tripping over tree stumps, be it in your own garden or in public spaces like parks and playgrounds. 

Enhanced Appearance

While a tree stump is much smaller than the tree that was in its place, it still breaks up the vision you had of your perfect outdoor space. 

Easier Maintenance

Stumps can pose a threat to gardening tools like lawnmowers and trimmers, making it challenging to achieve a clean cut. 

Pest Control

Tree stumps can become a haven for pests that can cause infestations or spread diseases to surrounding trees – it’s a clear sign the stump needs to be removed. 

Ready to remove that unwanted stump?   

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Frequently Asked Questions   

How can I decide if stump grinding or removal is the better solution?
Deciding between stump grinding and stump removal depends on many factors. You should consider the size of the stump, how accessible it is, your future landscaping plans, aesthetic concerns, and your budget and time constraints. If you’re unsure which method is best for your tree stump, our fully insured and qualified arborists are just a call away and can help you make a decision. 
Will the tree roots persist in growing after the stump is removed?
Whether the tree roots continue to grow after the stump is removed depends on several factors including the tree’s species, how healthy the remaining roots are, and the overall effectiveness of the stump removal process. When you work with a qualified arborist such as our team at Uppercut Tree Services, we will assess criteria such as these to determine the likelihood of your specific situation. 
What is the outcome if a tree stump isn't removed?
Keeping a tree stump can lead to problems like being a trip risk, detracting from the aesthetics, and making it harder to mow or trim the area around the stump. While it might seem less complicated to leave it initially, it could give rise to several long-term problems. By selecting stump removal or grinding, you can sidestep these challenges. 
What's the speediest method for removing a tree stump?
In general, stump grinding is the quickest method to get rid of a tree stump., but, this holds true only when the task is performed by a skilled arborist. Trying to grind a stump on your own can be perilous and ineffective, hence it’s advisable to rely on a fully insured and certified arborist like the ones in our Uppercut Tree Services team. 
To what depth should a stump be ground?
The depth at which a stump should be ground can fluctuate based on numerous considerations, but as a guideline, the stump should be ground to a depth of between 15 and 30 centimetres beneath the ground.
What area do you service?
Have another question about stump grinding or removal?
We’d be happy to answer your questions! Give us a call today: 0403 197 964 or send us an email:

Trust Dromana’s Finest Option for Tree Stump Removal 

Being a local business in Dromana, we have deep insights into the local regulations pertaining to tree removal, tree stump removal, stump grinding, and beyond. We’re here to complete the work swiftly and with quality. Entrust your garden to seasoned professionals with a combined experience of over 70 years and the best equipment in the business, promising the best look and feel for your garden. 
Tree Stump Removal near Dromana

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At Uppercut Tree Service, we understand the frustrations and dangers that tree stumps can create in your outdoor space. That’s why we are committed to providing dependable and efficient stump grinding and removal services to help you remove those unappealing stumps. We know every property is unique, and so, we offer personalised solutions to meet your specific needs.   

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