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Whenever you have a tree stump that’s bothering you, it may actually be causing even more trouble than you realise. A tree stump sticking up in your garden isn’t just unsightly— it can be downright dangerous. They act as tripping hazards, can damage your gardening equipment, and can even attract pests which may lead to infestations or damage. The best solution for you, your family, or anybody who visits your garden is to choose a qualified arborist to perform your tree stump removal. 
tree stump removal Frankston
stump grinding Frankston

Part Ways with Persistent Stumps

Tree removal often results in an unattractive stump left behind. These stumps can be hazardous and unsightly for anyone on your property. That’s why Uppercut Tree Service provides top-tier stump grinding and removal services to keep your yard beautiful and secure.  

Thanks to our proficiency and state-of-the-art equipment, we can expeditiously and effectively remove stumps of any size, ensuring your property remains clean and safe. We cater our services to clients in Frankston. So, for expert stump removal services, Uppercut Tree Service is the name you can trust. 

 How We Help

Whatever the cause for an unwanted stump on your grounds, we’re here to get rid of it. Let’s take a look at how we can assist. 

Stump Grinding Frankston

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a process where we grind the stump into the soil, allowing it to decompose over time. 
Stump Removal Frankston

Stump Removal

Stump removal requires fully extracting the stump, taking both the above-ground and below-ground parts into account.

Our Approach Explained 

Committed to Safety

We value the safety of you, your property, and our team which is why we always implement safety precautions. 

Quality Equipment

Our industry-leading grinding and removal equipment ensures exceptional service. 

Neat and Tidy

We strive to make your property cleaner and more organised than before. 

Always Compliant

If permits or other legal works are required – we’ll ensure everything is compliant before starting our maintenance works. 

Skilled Team

With a combined 70+ years of experience, we have covered all aspects of stump grinding and removal. 

A Clear Space

We’ll make your area more usable and less dangerous. 
Tree Stump Grinding near Frankston


Why Choose Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stump removal ensures a clean and tidy garden that is as safe as it is beautiful. When a cut-down tree leaves a stump in its place, it can cause a whole lot more trouble than it’s worth, so it’s best to address it as soon as possible. 

Added Safety

People and pets may trip over tree stumps, which can be particularly hazardous in gardens or public spaces like parks or playgrounds. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

While a tree stump is much smaller than the tree that was in its place, it still breaks up the vision you had of your perfect outdoor space. 

Easier Maintenance

Tree stumps can be problematic for garden equipment like lawnmowers and trimmers, hindering a neat and clean cut. 

Pest Control

Tree stumps can become a haven for pests that can cause infestations or spread diseases to surrounding trees – it’s a clear sign the stump needs to be removed. 

Ready to remove that unwanted stump?   

Reach out to us today for top-notch, yet affordable stump grinding and removal services! 

Frequently Asked Questions   

How can I tell if stump grinding or removal is the most appropriate option?
Choosing between stump grinding and removal requires thought about various factors such as the stump’s size, ease of access, future landscape designs, aesthetic considerations, and your own budget and time restrictions. If you find it difficult to decide the best course of action for your stump, reach out to our certified and insured arborists for help. 
Will the tree roots persist in growing after the stump is removed?
The continuation of root growth following stump removal relies on a variety of factors like the tree’s species, the health of the residual roots, and how successfully the stump was removed. By working with a professional arborist from our Uppercut Tree Services team, we can assess these aspects and provide an estimate of what to expect in your unique situation. 
What happens if you don't remove a tree stump?
Keeping a tree stump can lead to problems like being a trip risk, detracting from the aesthetics, and making it harder to mow or trim the area around the stump. While it might seem less complicated to leave it initially, it could give rise to several long-term problems. By selecting stump removal or grinding, you can sidestep these challenges. 
What is the fastest way to remove a tree stump?
Stump grinding is generally the most expedient way to remove a tree stump, provided that it’s done by a professional arborist. DIY stump grinding can be risky and inefficient, which is why you’re better off using a fully insured and licensed arborist like the ones from our Uppercut Tree Services team. 
How far down should a stump be ground?
The depth at which a stump should be ground can fluctuate based on numerous considerations, but as a guideline, the stump should be ground to a depth of between 15 and 30 centimetres beneath the ground.
What area do you service?
Have another question about stump grinding or removal?
We’d be happy to answer your questions! Give us a call today: 0403 197 964 or send us an email:

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Being a local business in Frankston, we have deep insights into the local regulations pertaining to tree removal, tree stump removal, stump grinding, and beyond. We’re here to complete the work swiftly and with quality. Entrust your garden to seasoned professionals with a combined experience of over 70 years and the best equipment in the business, promising the best look and feel for your garden. 
Tree Stump Removal near Frankston

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At Uppercut Tree Service, we understand the annoyance and risks that stumps can introduce to your yard. That’s why we deliver reliable and effective stump grinding and removal services to aid you in eliminating those unattractive stumps. We comprehend that every property is distinctive, and we provide custom solutions to cater to your individual needs.   

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