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No Australian backyard is truly complete without a couple of trees, providing shade, fresh air, and habitats for native wildlife. Keeping your trees healthy and beautiful is crucial for a lively and safe environment. At Uppercut Tree Services, we offer expert tree maintenance services to ensure your trees remain in top shape. From routine tree pruning to promote vigorous growth, to tree lopping to mitigate potential dangers, or even tree removal services for those troublesome trees, our skilled arborists are ready to help.

We appreciate the unique challenges that trees face in the Australian environment and utilise the latest methods and tools to provide exceptional care. Our focus on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction ensures that your trees are in the best hands. Count on Uppercut Tree Services for all your tree care needs and enjoy the assurance of a beautifully maintained landscape.

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Tree Removal McCrae

Tree Removal McCrae

If there’s a tree in your garden or yard that isn’t in its best shape, removing it might be the ideal solution. Trees may need to be removed for various reasons such as harbouring dead or diseased material, suffering from storm damage, or impacting your property. Removing a tree can help manage hazardous trees before they cause more harm, ensuring the safety of your home, garden, and family.

At Uppercut Tree Services, we are experts in professional tree removal, guaranteeing a safe and efficient process. Our team of tree removal specialists evaluates each case thoroughly, taking into account the tree’s condition, location, and any potential dangers before starting the work.


Why Opt for Tree Removal?

Safety First

Prioritising Safety

Dead, damaged, or hazardous trees present serious risks to both people and property. Removing such trees removes the threat of falling branches or collapsing trunks.

Safeguarding Property

Preserving Property

Tree roots can severely damage foundations, pipes, and other structures. Removing troublesome trees helps avoid costly repairs and further harm.

Beautifying Your Space

Aesthetic Enhancement

Sometimes, a large tree blocks a picturesque view or essential sunlight from your home and garden. Removing the tree can improve the overall aesthetics and practicality of your landscape.

Creating Space

Space Management

Whether planning a new construction project or redesigning your garden, tree removal can provide the necessary space for your vision to come to life.

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Tree Lopping McCrae

Tree lopping is a common part of tree care that many people find confusing. Unlike tree pruning and trimming which are designed to maintain the overall health and growth of your tree, tree lopping involves modifying the shape or structure of your tree to help it grow in a better direction. Tree lopping can present an alternative to full tree removal in situations where tree form is the main issue, including trees with misshapen limbs and those leaning or growing in a way that presents a risk to buildings, service and traffic thoroughfares or garden areas.
Tree Lopping McCrae


Reasons to Opt for Tree Lopping

Preventing Hazards

Reducing Hazards

Structurally weak limbs can present serious risks to both people and property. Tree lopping mitigates these dangers by removing risky branches.

Boosting Tree Health

Enhancing Health

Removing diseased, damaged, or dead branches encourages healthy growth and prevents the spread of disease to other parts of the tree.

Shape and Form

Shape and Structure

Tree lopping can refine the shape and structure of your trees, fostering balanced growth, averting future problems, and boosting the overall appearance of your landscape.

Sunlight and Airflow

Enhancing Sunlight and Airflow

Thinning out dense foliage allows more sunlight and air to reach the inner parts of the tree and the plants below, fostering a healthier garden environment.


Tree Pruning McCrae

Sometimes your tree just needs some tender loving care. Regular tree pruning is essential for maintaining the health, safety, and aesthetics of your trees. Our skilled arborists are experts in pruning and trimming techniques to ensure your trees stay healthy and look beautiful.
Tree Pruning McCrae
Tree Pruning near McCrae

The Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Healthier Growth

Enhancing Health and Growth

Pruning cuts away dead, diseased, or damaged branches, helping the tree to distribute resources more efficiently and fostering healthier growth.

Improving Safety

Ensuring Safety

Regular trimming decreases the risk of falling branches and assists your property in meeting local council rules for street safety and prescribed clearances.


Improving Appearance

Shaping and thinning the canopy improve the tree’s overall appearance and can enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Enhancing Sunlight and Airflow

Enhancing Sunlight and Airflow

Trimming dense foliage allows more sunlight and air to penetrate, benefiting the entire garden ecosystem, including grass growth and the health of native or indigenous plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required to remove a tree?

Some local areas do require a planning permit before tree removal, but this depends on factors including the location of your property and the location and species of the tree. VIC Planning is the best place to find relevant information for your situation.

What tools and machinery do you utilise?

We use a range of tools and machinery including a 12-inch wood chopper, 10 cubic metre tipper truck, 18 metre EWP tower as well as other tools and equipment depending on the nature of the service provided.

Can you manage tree removal in areas with limited access?

Yes, we can. We will conduct an assessment of your property and determine the steps needed for tree removal before providing a quote or assurance of service.

What other tree services do you provide?

Yes, we do. In addition to tree removal, lopping, and pruning, we offer stump removal, hedge trimming, wood chipping, and mulching services. Get in touch with us today for further information.

What does tree lopping cost?

The cost of tree lopping depends on the tree’s condition and the amount of care it requires. Uppercut strives to deliver high-quality services at an affordable rate and will always give a full quote before beginning any work.

How frequently should I prune or trim my trees?

The frequency of tree maintenance depends on factors such as the age, size, and species of the tree, its overall health, and the desired appearance. Generally, younger trees require more pruning. Seasonal changes also impact trimming needs, with more growth happening during the warmer months.

How does tree trimming differ from pruning?

Tree trimming primarily focuses on the tree’s aesthetics, keeping it neat, tidy, and well-maintained. Tree pruning involves the selective removal of certain branches to support healthy growth. Both trimming and pruning are vital tree services that should be carried out regularly.

Is it safe for me to trim trees myself?

While it may be possible to tackle minor trimming jobs yourself, there is often more risk involved than people are aware of, especially when dealing with structural issues, or a damaged or fallen tree. Tools and machinery should also be operated by a skilled professional to protect from injury or harm. At Uppercut Tree Services, our team are fully insured and qualified arborists so you can be confident your property is in safe hands.

Our Method

At Uppercut Tree Services, we take pride in offering comprehensive and professional tree care solutions that are customised to address the unique needs of our valued clients. Our method focuses on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing that every service we deliver surpasses your expectations.
Ensuring Safety

Prioritising Safety:

We prioritise the safety of our customers, team members, and the surrounding environment in every project. Our arborists are trained to identify potential hazards and take all necessary precautions to minimise risks.

Qualified Arborists

Skilled Professionals:

With over 70 years of combined experience, our team of qualified arborists possesses the expertise and knowledge to handle any tree care challenge. We stay updated with the latest industry practices and continuously enhance our skills to provide the best possible service.

Top-Quality Machinery

Advanced Equipment:

We employ advanced equipment and tools to deliver our tree services with efficiency and effectiveness. Our investment in premium machinery ensures that we can handle projects of any size while maintaining superior standards of workmanship.

Full-Spectrum Services

Holistic Tree Care:

We deliver a wide range of tree care services, including tree removal, lopping, trimming, and pruning. Our holistic approach ensures we meet all your tree maintenance needs, promoting the health, safety, and beauty of your landscape.

Tidy and Clean

Tidy and Clean:

We respect your property and strive to leave it in better condition than when we arrived. After completing our work, we ensure that all debris is cleared, and the area is left clean and tidy, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of our services without any inconvenience.

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At Uppercut Tree Services, our commitment lies in offering dependable, professional, and superior tree care solutions that emphasise safety, health, and aesthetics.Our experienced team of arborists is dedicated to delivering high-quality services tailored to meet the unique needs of your property.Whether it’s tree removal, lopping, trimming, or pruning you need, our holistic approach ensures your landscape remains secure, lively, and stunning.Reach out to us today to discuss your requirements and learn how our expert services can improve the health and beauty of your trees.