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Trees are a crucial aspect of the Australian environment, enhancing its beauty as they stand tall and serve as habitats for local birds and fauna. However, all trees don’t have the same origin or lifespan. Dead trees, particularly those damaged by storms, might need to be removed, or trees that have grown higher than anticipated can obstruct power lines and could lead to serious complications.  

If there’s a tree in your garden or yard that’s completed its lifecycle, the ideal course of action is to remove it safely, ensuring the least possible danger to people and property. 

Tree Removal Somerville
Tree Removal Service Somerville

Require Tree Removal in Somerville? Count on Uppercut Tree Service 

At Uppercut Tree Service, we’re well versed in providing tree removal services that leave your property looking better than before! Our team of arborists utilise quality equipment and trusted techniques to remove trees of any size or condition.   

We take various factors into consideration including the tree’s location, potential hazards, and the surrounding environment to ensure a safe result with minimal to no damage to the surrounding area. Plus, we’ll always leave your property in pristine condition, removing debris where required. 

Our Tree Removal Services 

As tree professionals, we love trees! However, we will only ever conduct a full removal if it is truly necessary. Here are several of the reasons why clients approach us for tree removal in Somerville. 

Tree Removal Service near Somerville


Whether due to storms or damage, removal may be deemed necessary for dangerous trees. 
Tree Removal Company near Somerville


If a tree is unfortunately dead or diseased, the optimal route could be its removal. 
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Requires Removal

Other reasons like construction may necessitate the removal of a tree. 



How We Work  

Safety First

We will consistently safeguard people, trees, and buildings in the vicinity of the affected tree. 

High-Quality Equipment

Our superior equipment aids us in accomplishing the job both efficiently and securely. 

Clean And Clear

We make sure to leave your Somerville property in a better condition than it was before our arrival and constantly strive to keep the area clean. 

Compliance First

If there are any requirements for permits or other legalities, we will ensure everything is arranged before we start our work.  

Experienced Team

With a collective 70+ years of experience, we have addressed all facets of tree removal. 

Limited Access

Limited access does not pose a problem for us – we’ll figure out a way to make it work. 
Tree Removal Company Somerville


Why Tree Removal May Be the Ideal Solution 

When your eucalyptus trees show signs of wear or a looming pine in your yard becomes hazardous, immediate action is required. The act of removing the tree itself presents several advantages such as: 

Safety Comes First

Branches that fall or trees that topple can be incredibly hazardous. In these cases, removing it entirely is safest for everybody. 

Safeguard Your Property

Tree roots can pose a significant threat to foundations, pipes, sidewalks, and other structures. Removing the tree can be a proactive measure to prevent further destruction. 

Improved Aesthetics

Is a tree hindering your beautiful ocean view? It could also be blocking the northern light from entering your home or inhibiting the growth of surrounding plants. If that’s so, tree removal may be the optimal choice. 

Free Up Space

There are times when a tree is just in the way, making it impossible to lay out your home the way you want. Tree removal facilitates improved planning and efficient utilisation of the land. 

Time to deal with your affected tree? 

Get in touch with us today for superior tree removal at a cost-effective price! 


Do I need permission to remove a tree in Somerville?
This depends on the location of your property and the location of the tree. VIC Planning can give you more information about whether there’s a protective overlay in your area. For additional guidance, reach out to us. 
What tools and machinery do you use?
Our equipment includes a 10 cubic metre tipper truck, 12-inch wood chipper, 18 metre EWP tower, plus other tools and equipment as needed to suit your job. 
Can you carry out tree removal in places with restricted access?
Indeed! We can perform tree removal services in areas with limited access. We’ll review your property before giving an estimate or promising any service. 
What region do you service?
We service the Mornington Peninsula – including: RosebudPortseaSorrentoBlairgowrieRyeTootgarookMcCraeDromanaSafety BeachMount MarthaMorningtonMount ElizaSomervilleHastingsTyabbRed HillFlinders and Frankston.
Are there other tree maintenance services you offer?
Sure! Along with tree removal, we offer tree pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, wood chipping, and mulch sales. 
Got another question regarding tree removal?
We’re here to answer all your questions! Don’t hesitate to call us at 0403 197 964 or email us at 

The Power of Our Tree Services

Dead trees are not only impractical and unsightly, but they can be dangerous. Even with branches removed, the tree itself still presents a danger to people, the garden or yard, and the property as a whole. 

Our friendly Uppercut Tree Services team consists of fully insured, certified arborists with extensive experience in tree removal. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand our local customers, community, and environment, and work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Whether your needs include tree removal, stump removal, tree lopping, or any of our other services, you can trust us for safety, dependability, and a well-executed job. 

Tree Removal near Somerville

Additional Services   

Tree Pruning Services-Mornington Peninsula

Hedge Trimming & Tree Pruning  

Do you have obstructing branches or encroaching power lines? We can assist. 
Stump Grinding Services Mornington Peninsula

Grinding and Removal of Stumps 

A tree stump can be a hassle to navigate around when mowing, and potentially more hazardous than you may realise.
Mulch Sales near Mornington Peninsula

Mulch Sales & Wood Chipping  

Mulching is a great, eco-friendly way to maintain the health and appearance of your garden. 
Tree Lopping
A large tree can block sunlight and even pose a safety risk, but tree lopping can help with both.

Book Your Free Tree Removal Quote  

If you’re ready to take care of your troublesome tree, call Uppercut Tree Service today! Our experienced team will provide you with a free quote and recommendations on the best options for your tree. We deliver personalised services to each client, aiming for efficiency and quality in our services. 

For top-tier tree removal services in Somerville, turn to Uppercut Tree Service!