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Got a tree that’s damaged, diseased, or obstructive? Contact the tree removal experts in Sorrento.

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Trees are a crucial aspect of the Australian environment, enhancing its beauty as they stand tall and serve as habitats for local birds and fauna. However, all trees don’t have the same origin or lifespan. Dead trees, particularly those damaged by storms, might need to be removed, or trees that have grown higher than anticipated can obstruct power lines and could lead to serious complications.  

Whenever there’s a tree in your yard or garden that’s served its time, the best approach is to remove it securely, posing the least threat to individuals and property. 

Tree Removal Sorrento
Tree Removal Service Sorrento

Want Tree Removal in Sorrento? Choose Uppercut Tree Service 

At Uppercut Tree Service, we specialise in providing tree removal services that enhance the look of your property! Our team of expert arborists harnesses premium equipment and trusted tactics to remove trees of varying size or condition.   

We take various factors into consideration including the tree’s location, potential hazards, and the surrounding environment to ensure a safe result with minimal to no damage to the surrounding area. Plus, we’ll always leave your property in pristine condition, removing debris where required. 

Our Tree Removal Services 

As tree specialists, we love trees! And we will only ever complete a full removal if it is absolutely necessary. Here are a few of the reasons why clients call us for tree removal in Sorrento. 

Tree Removal Service near Sorrento


Whether resulting from storms or damage, it might be deemed necessary to remove dangerous trees. 
Tree Removal Company near Sorrento


If a tree has regrettably died or is diseased, the ideal action might be its removal. 
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Necessitates Removal

There may be other reasons why you need a tree removed such as when building a home. 



How We Work  

Safety First

We’ll always protect the people, trees, and structures around the affected tree. 

Premium Equipment

Our superior equipment aids us in accomplishing the job both efficiently and securely. 

Clean And Clear

We leave your Sorrento property looking better than it was before we arrived and strive to keep the area clean. 

Compliance First

If permits or other legal works are required – we’ll ensure everything is in order before commencing our work.  

Expert Team

With a combined 70+ years of experience, we have dealt with all elements of tree removal. 

Limited Access

Tight access is not a worry for us – we’ll find a way to make it work. 
Tree Removal Company Sorrento


Why Tree Removal May Be the Ideal Solution 

When your eucalyptus trees have seen better days or a pine tree in your backyard poses a risk, there’s no time to waste. Removing the tree itself offers benefits such as: 

Safety First

Dropping branches or falling trees can pose a significant threat. In these cases, removing it entirely is safest for everybody. 

Guard Your Property

Tree roots can cause significant damage to foundations, pipes, footpaths, and other structures. Removing the tree can be a proactive measure to prevent further destruction. 

Increased Aesthetics

Is a tree blocking your ocean view? Maybe it’s blocking the northern light from reaching your home or impeding the growth of nearby plants. If so, tree removal may be the best option. 

Creating Space

There are times when a tree is just in the way, making it impossible to lay out your home the way you want. Tree removal facilitates improved planning and efficient utilisation of the land. 

Ready to take care of a troublesome tree? 

Call today for quality tree removal at an affordable price! 

Tree Removal FAQs  

Do I need permission to remove a tree in Sorrento?
This is dependent on the placement of your property and the tree. VIC Planning can provide more insight into whether you have a protective overlay on your area. For more advice, give us a call. 
What tools do you use?
Our toolkit includes a 10 cubic metre tipper truck, a 12-inch wood chipper, an 18 metre EWP tower, and any other tools and equipment needed for your specific job. 
Can you perform tree removal in areas with limited access?
Absolutely! We can provide tree removal services in tight access areas. We’ll inspect your property before offering a quote or committing to any service. 
What is your service area?
We service the Mornington Peninsula – including: RosebudPortseaSorrentoBlairgowrieRyeTootgarookMcCraeDromanaSafety BeachMount MarthaMorningtonMount ElizaSomervilleHastingsTyabbRed HillFlinders and Frankston.
Do you provide any other tree maintenance services?
Absolutely! In addition to tree removal, we also offer services such as tree pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, wood chipping, and mulch sales. 
Have any other questions about tree removal?
We would be pleased to respond to your queries! Give us a call today: 0403 197 964 or send us an email: 

The Power of Our Tree Services

Not only are dead trees an eyesore and impractical, but they are also potentially dangerous. Even with branches removed, the tree itself still presents a danger to people, the garden or yard, and the property as a whole. 

Our friendly Uppercut Tree Services team consists of fully insured, certified arborists with extensive experience in tree removal. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand our local customers, community, and environment, and work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Whether your needs include tree removal, stump removal, tree lopping, or any of our other services, you can trust us for safety, dependability, and a well-executed job. 

Tree Removal near Sorrento

More Services   

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Hedge Trimming & Tree Pruning  

Are branches in the way? Are power lines looming? We can help. 
Stump Grinding Services Mornington Peninsula

Stump Removal & Grinding 

Tree stumps can be a nuisance to mow around and may pose dangers you might not anticipate.
Mulch Sales near Mornington Peninsula

Wood Chipping & Mulch Sales  

Applying mulch is a fantastic, green way to uphold the health and visual appeal of your garden. 
Tree Lopping
A large tree can block sunlight and even pose a safety risk, but tree lopping can help with both.

Arrange Your Free Tree Removal Quote  

If you’re all set to handle your bothersome tree, get in touch with Uppercut Tree Service today! Our skilled team will offer you a free estimate and straightforward advice on the best course for your tree. We provide tailored services for every client and aim to deliver efficient and quality services. 

When it comes to tree removal in Sorrento, Uppercut Tree Service is your go-to option!